Mariana Ramírez


Leading Instructor (Vanderbilt University)

  • How to Conduct Fieldwork in Political Science. Graduate Student Workshop, Fall 2023. 
    For graduates at Vanderbilt. This workshop introduced students to how to plan and conduct qualitative fieldwork (including interviews both with elites and ordinary citizens, and focus groups). This workshop included discussions about when is it important to do fieldwork, what are some of the  challenges, and best practices. 

Teaching Assistant (Vanderbilt University)

  • Introduction to Comparative Politics. Fall 2022. Instructor: Noam Lupu
    For undergraduates at Vanderbilt. This course introduces students to some of the most important concepts and questions in comparative politics. It examines theories and evidence on four of the biggest topics in comparative politics: states, regimes, political economy, and violence.
  • Introduction to International Relations. Spring 2020, 2022. Instructor: Brett Benson
    For undergraduates at Vanderbilt. This course introduces students to the study of international politics. The course has four substantive sections: Introduction, War and Peace, International Political Economy, and Transnational Politics.
  • Constitutional Law: Powers and Structures of Government. (Grader). Fall 2021. Instructor: Carrie Russell
    For undergraduates at Vanderbilt. This course introduces students to the division of power in the American political system as established in the body of the Constitution.

Teaching Assistant (Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú - PUCP)

  • Academic Research. March – July 2017. Instructor: Gabriela Camacho
    For 2nd year General Studies in Humanities undergraduate students. The course introduces students to topics and research questions, as well as develop arguments and write academic monographs. Students learn to improve their research and academic writing skills.
  • Research Methods in Political Science. August 2015 – July 2017. Instructors: Arturo Maldonado (2015) and Jorge Aragón (2016 – 2017)
    For 4th-year Political Science and Government undergraduate students. The course covers how diverse qualitative, quantitative, and experimental methods that can be used to conduct research in political science. Students learn different methodological approaches and how to develop research designs.